China’s YouTube Bilibili Reveals New Banned Games List & Bans GTA

China's YouTube Bilibili Reveals New Banned Games List & Bans GTA

Bilibili published on January 11, 2022, a new list of games that cannot be streamed or shared through its platform, and some of the banned games are more surprising than others.

Bilibili is the biggest video sharing and streaming platform in China, similar to YouTube and Twitch. The platform focuses on anime, comics, and games related content. Some of the most popular videos are 3D character dancing videos made with Miku Miku Dance, a program that lets you import 3D models and make up choreographies for them.

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Bilibili adds over 70 new games to its banned games list including the GTA series & bans nearly all visual novels

The list, which contains over 70 games, was translated from Chinese to Japanese by our peers at 4Gamer. Which allowed us to read it. Among the banned games there’s most notably:

FPS games, and games with a focus on firearms, such as all of the GTA series, all of the Battlefield series, and Rainbow Six Siege.

Then, the list also includes games with horror elements or high depictions of blood. Such as Resident Evil games, Dead by Daylight, and even indie games like Visage.

Then, various games from different genres were banned. Such as the Taiwanese game Detention, Plague Inc, World of Tanks, and The Witcher 3.

Bilibili bans most visual novels

Lately, the list also mentions that “All Galge without an “all-ages” rating has been banned”. Galge are more often than not visual novels with a male main character tying to woo female characters. Most of these games are eroge: games only released on PC that include explicit scenes, the so-called “H-scenes”.

However, many of these Galge feature darker story elements in general. So most are still rated 18+ even when they don’t include H-scenes, such as the Tsukihime Remake or the Nasuverse in general. As such, banning all Galge games except those that are rated for “all-ages” is pretty much the same as banning a good chunk of the visual novel genre.

Interestingly, there might be a loophole here as the banned list specifically mentions “Galge”. This technically means Otome games or BL games like Togainu no Chi would be fine.

Bilibili bans more games right after Genshin Impact self regulates itself in China

Recently, Genshin Impact developer miHoYo decided to self-regulate itself to avoid stronger censorship. On Chinese servers, several female characters in Genshin Impact will be receiving new alternate costumes, and their default outfits will be modified as well. Meanwhile, no changes have been announced for the non-Chinese version of Genshin Impact, but the new costumes will still be added as alternatives.

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China’s YouTube Bilibili Reveals New Banned Games List & Bans GTA